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NDDNUG Lightning Talks

Meeting Information:

NDDNUG Lighting Talks

We are opening up this meeting for lightning talks. Instead of one interesting person talking, we are going to have a number of interesting people talking. Each talk will be 5-15 minutes long and can theoretically be on anything that might interest the group. And you can be one of those people! Email us at officers@northdallas.net if you are interested.

We will announce the speakers soon, so please let us know if you are interested.

Speaker:   You?
Date:   June 3rd, 2015
Time:   6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (see here for more detail)
Location:   MedAssets - Plano, TX
Maps: Google | Bing

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NDDNUG Kids Night

Held at the same location, one room over is our very first NDDNUG kid's night! MinecraftU is helping us out and will be running this first meeting.

We will use the Minecraft mod ComputerCraft to learn the basics of programming and then apply those skills via your own in-game robots. These robots can do anything, from build you a house to find and mine diamonds for you. The only limit is your ability to direct them. At the advanced level, we’ll discuss the limitations of computers and how to work around them. For ages 8-14 or younger.

Kids will want to bring their own laptops as neither MinecraftU nor NDDNUG will be able to supply them. Minecraft will need to be installed already. It would also make things go more smoothly if the mod is already installed, so do that as well if you can. Note that this is only for the full version of Minecraft, not the pocket edition that people play on their tablets and phones.

If you are interested in bringing your children, please RSVP for yourself above and for your kids below so we can know the rough amount of people coming to both events.

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