Html5 Canvas: Drawing Cool Stuff With JavaScript

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Topic - Html5 Canvas: Drawing Cool Stuff With JavaScript

The Html5 canvas element used to be something that sounded cool but we couldn't reliably use because of browser capabilities. Now it is available in Chrome, Firefox and the two latest versions of Internet Explorer. It also has fantastic support on mobile. If you aren't using it now, you may be soon. It's fast, it's awesome and its time has come.

We will start with some canvas basics to get you started and then jump into samples relevant for perhaps not-so-exciting business stuff as well as really fun stuff like games. It is also a fantastic tool to use in developing games for Windows 8 so I will show you a little about how to use it in that context as well.

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The meeting this month is at Improving Enterprises in Addison, TX. Please see the sidebar for map information.

Speaker:   Eric Sowell
Date:   7 Nov 2012
Time:   6:00 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.
Location:   Improving Enterprises - Addison, TX
Map: Google Maps

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Speaker Bio

Eric Sowell is an avid .NET developer who gets into as many technologies as he can though with a focus on the web. He is the development lead for's mobile web platform and enjoys writing code which serves up Html millions of times on a daily basis. Eric is the father of three children and the husband of one wife. He also has fish. When not being a geek or hanging with the family, he enjoys reading, writing and doing research primarily in the realms of technical things. You can see Eric’s activities online by visiting or by following him on Twitter (@mallioch).


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